May 9, 2011

BB&S 2011

Wow, my last post was just before school started... Tomorrow is my last final. Shows how busy I have been.

School has been great. It takes up more time than I had hoped, so my climbing days have diminished to 1-2 week gaps in between my days outside. My motivation in the gym has never been much but deff has been real low lately. It's been good to have some off time, but I deff have been getting the "ohhhh my god pump" lately.

I'm leaving for West Virginia on Saturday to stay the week and hopefully get some dry weather in for the New River Rendezvous!! An excellent event I haven't missed since I started climbing 4 years ago.

The Rendezvous is what sparked the idea for Beg Borrow and Steele. The local fundraiser that is put on by Me, Brooks, and Natalie. This is our 3rd year with BB&S and it is going to be bigger and better than ever.

BB&S was originally money raised for Steele, Alabama in 2009. When the SCC had first purchased the land we realized Birmingham needed to step it up and have some fundraisers. So we bought some kegs, borrowed some speakers, got some BBQ cooked, and made a facebook page. $1400 later, we were planning for next year. 2010 led to around $2200 with added good people IPA, closing in a cave to make the climbers dream dance floor, and a few shoe demos.

This year we drop the E in steelE and now raising money for hardware... Steel.

Bolting and re bolting has been at the top of my list for a long time now. I have not even come close to putting the time in to call my self an activist in sport climbing. But my time being limited to weekends, it's hard to bolt anything. But we can raise the money for bolts, hangers, and drill bits. This will stop the excuse of expensive hardware and hopefully revolutionize the community in the southeast.

We will be supplying bolts, hangers, and drill bits to people who will putting routes up in public areas and to re bolt routes in public areas. Our first goal with the proposed money is to re bolt concave and fix it with same color slings throughout. Concave is the closest crag to Birmingham that gets the most traffic, so that is first. Next the deep geeks will be buzzing around like bees and the hive will be Deep Creek in Chattanooga. Cody Averback (the queen) has purchased a large portion of land and is opening it up to the public for everyone to enjoy. I feel confident it will one of the most populated crags in the south.

I really hope everyone comes down this year to Beg Borrow and Steel 2011. It is July 16th at Adam Henry's private crag. For more details check out

For any questions or concerns about the event please feel free to email me and

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