May 22, 2009


Beg, Borrow, and Steele is coming along smoothly (knock on wood). The unique thing about this fundraiser, it's handled by some local climbers. We all are playing this by ear, and Im psyched to see the community come together like it is. We are all donating swag, sending e-mails to vendors, and using a little saved up cash to pay for the materials. We decided to not ask the SCC to rein-burst us on any of the money for all the extras; food, drinks, desserts, utensils, etc... It adds up!  As Brooks said, it's hard to judge how much is to much. We have lost our thought process as a customer, and don't know the best way to go about the money with the event. Our price as of right now is 15 to get in for FREE food, beer, and camping. Not to mention all the swag and activities that will last the entire day. 

The way I am explaining it is... 
You go to Horse Pens 40 for a night it's 12 bucks. With three more dollars, you get all the extras! We are all close to our dirtbagging roots, but come on guys. This is a fundraiser!!! RAISE THE FUNDS!!

May 19, 2009

Beg, Borrow, and STEELE!!!

We all know the SCC has a huge impact on the southeast's climbing. This small grass roots organization has grown from working out of  a shoe box to BUYING crags! Yellow Bluff was purchased in April, and is now climber owned, climber managed. The new motto is "If we own it, they can't take it away." 

This attitude has brought us to a new crag. Steele! With the SCC doing all they can to get Steele underway, they need us to support them by donations. 

That brings us to Beg, Borrow, and Steele... (thanks Brooks) A party at Adam Henry's house.  We decided that not every weekend warrior likes to spend time on trail days. But most would like to spend it out at AHSL's house climbing, drinking, eating, and doing some fun shit. All while raising a ton of money for Steele. 

It's going to be on Saturday June 6th. Adam said EVERYONE is welcome, do not feel intimidated to come. Camping is available but not promoted.. We will probably be playing beer pong with Sweet Water... So, you might want to bring a tent. Guaranteed a good time. 

Parking is slim, very slim. CARPOOL, we are going to have to have people meet and ride together. 

Final thoughts: 
We are asking for you to come out to Adam Henry's...(Pretty much a huge secret for 6 years)
Drink tons of beer... (Good stuff, Sweet Water)
Raise money for a crag... (Both bouldering and GREAT routes)
All while hanging out and meeting some great people... (Shit talking to the extreme!)
Come show everyone we know how to party!

We will have more info for you with in the next week. 

May 4, 2009

New River Rendezvous

Here is a good example of what to expect!

Battle of the Blogs

I can't believe all the people who have blogs, but never update! And then every post they do have starts off with; I know its been forever since I updated.... Well YEA! It's been 4 months! I plan on updating a few times a week. If nothing happens, I will tell you about how nothing has happened. 

I feel like the blogs are the new thing. Facebook, Myspace, and the new Twitter, (what the hell is up with that?) all paved the way for everyone to have blogs. . . 

Feel free to post about what ever!