June 27, 2010

I guess I will post my training log on here too. (lame) I haven't started it yet, but since there isn't much going on in the deep south when the humidity is higher than the hottest day in Boulder, CO. The gym is what I have to do. It's hot, hot enough where I can't find many people to go out with. Usually when we get there, the rock is soaked from the constant rain/humidity.

I just started bolting my first route, it's at Adam Henry's house going out the steepest part of the second shelter. One of the longest steep roof's in the deep south, not many that steep have holds.. This one does!! Can't wait to have a dry day to go out and suss out the beta. This is a brand new experience to me and there is a new psych building up. Being the first person to touch holds on new stone is amazing, something I give great respect to the guys who worked there ass off in the beginning. (Porter)

Looking forward to the next few months. My first time to train, so far it's been a beat down.. But i know the rise will be right at the start of the good weather. Hopefully I can stay healthy between here and then.

My body is covered in poison oak, I can't get a cortisone shot every week! Any body have some working remedies?