June 23, 2009

Follow the leader

A few months ago when I started this rig, I claimed to be different, I promised to never stop writing... I wouldn't follow the same path the other "bloggers" took. I was different. . . . 

Then I thought of all the hours I have been working, the trips out of town, the incredible it's not even summer yet spring time in alabama type temps of 95 with the index at 106!!! 
So to all that have been giving me shit about not updating, the time has come. I will be at the beach for the next 6 days, and I will be able to gather my thoughts in an extremely cold A/C room looking through my tinted glass down at the beach. 

I need rest, working in this heat for 50-60 hours a week and then trying to help the gym a few days a week, then leaving out Friday nights and or Saturday mornings heading to the Canyon for a hard working weekend. . . Only to be rushing home LATE Sunday night to make it to work by 6:30am.... blah,blah,blah I know broox

Good news that is sporadically coming to me;
Found out that I have bolts, drill, bits, and rock at my disposal. I then talked to the Southern Legend and wouldn't you know he already has this (soon to be classic) line at his house. He mentioned the word Stellar a few times, so it's gotta be good. 

I really want to start spending some time rebolting and bolting some lines. The longer I climb the more respect I have for the guys who go unknown bolting allot of these climbs we get to go enjoy. 

I recently made my mind up that I will be an owner of an Sprinter RV. It's gonna be a daily driver, (kinda sucks) but they are to expensive to own another car, even an ole junker. The plus side to things, I will USE it all the time, everything is ready to go. 23-30 MPG!!! A full on kitchen... sink, stove, microwave, coffe maker... the works. A bathroom with a shower, I probably wont keep this function, unless it is really nice. I don't plan on spending the money for a RV park as it will be self contained, meaning, generator, power inverter, and two of the best 12v a man can possess. Seating for 5 and comfy sleeping for 3. Room for 5! Super excited about being able to pull up and sleep. No unloading tubs, re arranging food bins, hooking up tanks un hooking, washing dishes out of another dish (rap your mind around that). Lazy, yes. I have slept in a tent once since I bought my camper last January. Keep you updated on the Sprinter situation. 

The only bad news to the sprinter is, I will not be making my 3 or 4 week climbing trip in July and early August. I need the cash for the car... Plenty of weekend trips around the southeast will do me just fine, not to mention FAR UNIT! The gym is almost open and open enough for me to hang out there most Tues and Thurs ... and Fridays... well shit allot. Psyched to get strong! 

Probably end it around here. Do my best to get back on track. It was easy when I started, I wasn't working, just in school and on the computer allot.

June 7, 2009


Beg, borrow, and Steele was a huge success... Psyched to see that many people there and to raise over 1400 dollars. Big thanks to everyone who showed up! 

Pictures and more CRAZY stories to come....