April 26, 2009

Sunny Side Up

The heat is here! 88 degrees and sunny was the forecast for this weekend. Now its all night time bouldering, chasing shade for routes, and lots of swimming. I get the most motivation this time of the year. I know when it's snowing and freezing out, everybody is sooo excited. Not me, I enjoy the hot humid route climbing. Getting psyched meeting all these new people. Getting offers to go on allot of trips, checking out new crags with new styles seems like a huge part of getting strong! Starting to feel good on routes, only lacking power endurance. The hard moves at the anchors usually spit me off.. My biggest worry about the summer of sweaty routes, is loosing my POWER! Power seems to be way harder to gain then stamina. . . 

With that said, First Avenue Rocks is on its way to be a BAD ASS gym! Some pictures have gone up, and the boulders are huge. They are putting in way more effort/style on this place than I ever imagined. Imagine a gym, close to your home... Now, add in the best looking boulders, full padded floor, Yoga, cool climbing scene... add in Adam Henry with more stories than your body can handle, and you have First Ave Rocks. . . 

Kids gonna get way stronger way faster. I have never trained, not even once. Im gonna ease into it, but, I am hoping it will make a big difference. Relating climbing to all other sports I have done i.e. baseball, basketball, soccer... You practice, and practice hard. You do different things so you are fit, and ready. Mentally as well as physically. If nothing else, training will do a mental game with me. I will be able to tie in and think to myself, I have been working hard! I can do this! A little confidence can go along way for me. 

First Ave is opening up soon, early June is the hope date. Get your money out there and support these guys. Working hard for us, show up, keep the south strong! 

April 25, 2009

No where I would rather be

I absolutely love the south. The people, food, atmosphere, and the climbing! The Canyon has to be the most relaxing place to hang out at. It's amazing to me that it is in Alabama.

April 23, 2009

The dive!

After spending all my time on the computer reading other peoples blogs, I decided to make my own. A part of me feels like you have to (be somebody) to have a blog. I guess you only have to (be somebody) to make one. Who says anyone has to look at it?