January 23, 2010

To play the lottery....

The next few months are going to be flying by. I base my months on the weekends (thats when I get to climb). So I have been looking at my next few weekends for climbing.

Today is the First Avenue Rocks climbing comp.
Tomorrow is 95% chance of rain.

Next weekend is my Birthday.
Friday night at Casey's lake house.
Saturday Tuscaloosa climbing comp.
Sunday..... The day after my 21'st birthday... I'm gonna need to rest.


I'm starting to feel that my days are numbered for hard bouldering ascents.
There is no time to project anything when you can only work it once every month or two.

Not to mention Sloper Fest (Hp40 Rocks) will be coming up march 5th. So soon!!

I need ample money, and a degree in nursing. . .

Or just win the Lottery!

January 11, 2010

Somethings are better said, not written.

This past post has caused more of an up roar in the Birmingham community since they realized John Gill didn't put up "The Gill" at Moss Rock Preserve.

I am in NO way a good writer, even a decent one. I don't take pictures, video's, or even think of different posts to write for my blog. I will every now and then have something that strikes up a question or point that I would like to see answered or noted. Not a serious blogger...

My last post was not read in the same text as I intended. Ironically, it was written as a motivator.

I got fired up to write about dragon slayers while I was on a hunt for climbing videos. What I quickly realized is there are no "new" video's surfing the web, from anyone around our area. But a lot of them where climbing in "our" area's.

Now, you wouldn't believe the amount of NEGATIVE feedback I received for the past post. I left for the weekend with out checking any of the comments and had my phone turned off. When I turned my phone on Sunday night, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I honestly thought people had read the wrong thing.

Quickly clear up some points about Slaying Dragons.

When I talk about Birmingham, I am talking about me as well.

I will be the first to help a new climber out. Show them beta, cheer them on, spot, what ever. Might be bad form to some southerners, but if your passionate about something, thats motivating to me.

You don't have to be flashing v13 for me to want to climb with you, or even want to know you for that matter. With out question, a majority of the people enjoy setting goals and trying to achieve those goals. If that goal is to regress, thats your goal. My goals are to progress in the sport. With out that, these beautiful places we all climb out would not be developed.

I hear about people climbing things the "LOGICAL" way. Well logically climbing things and not using the giant holds to the left or right isn't logical. . . This is a dictionary long topic that will be frowned upon more than politics and religion.

So we are all clear... I have never been judgemental towards anyone because of how hard you climb.

January 7, 2010

Good Day Alabama!

To slay dragons, you must hang out with dragon slayers.

-Brooks Walker
Climbing is a lot like slaying dragons. There are plenty of people who excell on their own, but climbing with dragon slayers will no doubt speed up the process.
What I'm saying is, if you climb with gumbies all day, how hard are you really gonna climb?

Swap those gumbies out with guys who climb harder than you, it's gonna be a stronger day. Hands down, it's like having a personal trainer. You see how it is done, you believe you can do it, and the pscyh is usually high. The stronger guys generally have more knowledge, advice, and BETA!

Not to mention secret stash crags, people to stay with, and places to camp/eat/whatever. EVERYTHING!!!

Now take Birmingham, there are plenty of climbers. There are very little of them climbing hard. I know I will get shit about grades and what not. But for my own personal wants and goals, I want to climb harder grades. ESPECIALLY ROUTES! I can't name 3 people who climb 5.13 in birmingham. You can't meet someone who doesn't climb that hard in Chattanooga. . . Or any where really. The routes are here, and in great quanity and quality.

What needs to happen? Why the lack of motivation? Why the lack of strong climbers? We have a great climbing gym now, that is no longer an excuse. .

Deano told me the other day there are 300 spots to climb at within 3 hours of birmingham. He pulled out his fancy phone and showed me abunch of stars he had on google maps where he has climbed at. He was as nice as any showing me how to get there, where to park, and what the boulder problems are like. . . Hell, I feel like I have climbed at some of these places now!

I dunno, we need to step it up Birmingham, and Alabama for that matter. I'm tired of those TN boys warming up on our projects!