November 5, 2010

Little Bit

With the weight of nursing school off of my shoulders, I decided to take a little trip before I have to buckle down in January. I have orientation November 16th. I am leaving the next morning for the Red. I plan on staying there till it gets to cold. Probably around December 15 or so.

4 weeks would be great. If your a weekend warrior, having a month to climb is around 8 days. If the weather is perfect both days, and believing there will be nothing in the way. Now take the same weekend warrior and take away their job and put them in the best sport area in the states.... That is like a 4 month jump start comparing the the 8 days the normal weekend guy gets.

Once I get back, I don't believe I can continue working at my job. I plan on helping the Birmingham climbing gym out, first avenue rocks , a few days a week. I'm gonna try and transfer my love for climbing over to school... well a little bit of it.

I hope to see you guys at the RED!

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