January 3, 2011

1 minute

Since my last update many things have happened. I actually got to rock climb.

I spent my Thanksgiving holidays at the Red River Gorge climbing through 6 inches of snow and ice guarding the chains on lots of routes. It was an excellent trip, but with the bad weather comes a lack of partners. I only found a few people that would get out, and most of them scattered when the first cloud hit.

After my 3 week trip I felt stronger than ever and excited to put down a few routes that had been spitting me off. I have fallen grabbing the last jug on Southern Comfort for about 12 tries now. I have put about 10 days playing on the route and after my 3rd day I realized it would go. Now it's the mental game of not falling off the last v7 throw.

The snow decided to follow me down from Kentucky and it has been below 45 ever since. This week was the first time it wasn't freezing since turkey day, so my chances have been slim to get back on the route.

It has given me a chance to get into the bouldering game for a little while. I'm actually coming around a little bit with bouldering. I might even say I like it. Not love though. . . .

With the new year here the clean slate feeling is in. School starts in a week, the weather is beautiful and I am gonna work at the gym for a while. I'm not able to keep my job now due to school taking up so much time. Hopefully the gym will keep me sane during nursing school.

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